I went to see my doctor just he other day
I told her I wasn’t feeling rightCould she make it go away
She prodded and she poked me to see what she could find
She said “Son I need to operate and we ain’t good much time!”

Take off you clothes put on a gown this won’t hurt a bit
They laid me on the table and began to cute and began to nip
And when the deed was over and I seen that I was still alive
She said I’d have to rest awhile on the gurney right outside

Sorry we got no room in here cause Bellevilles made more cuts
We’re losing 10 beds as we speak and Physio’s shutting up
We’ll put you in the parking lot right next to the emergency door
With an IV and a potty,, who could ask for anything more

So I laid upon my gurney underneath a willow tree
Until a copper came around and said You haven’t paid your fee
Well officer this is the place that the doctor told me to stay
3 min parking boy, you’ll have to move away

The Delhi Ride of old Jack Frere
He forgot to wear his underwear
He forgot to wear his underwear

I rang my bell and called for help but no-one answered there
So I released the gurneys break and head down past the fairI
I headed down the old town hill my arms clenched down at my knees
Hanging on for my dear life and my arse a flapping in the breeze

At the hill I couldn’t stop her so I headed down that way
They all came out to watch me al the folks at the ”tip of the bay”
I figured Delhi was the way to go so I leaned her to the right
My IV went a flying left I was an awful site

And then I heard a siren coming approaching from the rear
Someones come to save me I had know need to fear
But a copper in a black and white caught up and pulled me over
And he writes me up a speeding ticket and another for indecent exposure


Now the moral of the story as you should now be aware
If you find yourself i8n Picton in need of some repairs
Make sure you bring a cot along cause we aint got none inside
And always wear fresh underwear in case you take a ride

Chorus x2
"Delhi Ride" Lyrics
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