"Replacebook" Lyrics
Whenever I am lonely and I'm feeling kinda blue
I just turn on my laptop and look for someone new.
There's always someone waiting, don't have to wear a tie
I tell them I am handsome - that's not much of a lie


Replace-book - No need to go outside
Replace-book - Sit in my room and hide
Replace-book - Press enter and they're there
I'll never be alone again with new friends everywhere

I never was that good at listening to my old friends news
They all just needed so much time and drank up all my booze
But now the booze is all for me and I don't have to care
I'll just start playing solitaire in my underwear!

And if my old friends might show up at my door today
I'll hide inside my closet until they go away
Cause I don't need the hassle of sharing who I am
Or keep up the appearance that I really give a damn

Now I have so many friends I feel I'm in a stew,
My laptop keeps on Binging me - I don't know what to do!
I'll have to send them all a note and tell them I'm away
I've gone to Costa Rica or maybe Santa Fe!
Copyright 2017 - Mark Despault and Alec Lunn
Copyright 2017-2018 - The Frere Brothers